American Roulette

There are several types of roulette. You can play the American roulette with one "Zero" at our casino. It is played by spinning a small ball on a round wheel with number slots from 0 to 36 and also there is a play field of all possible bet combinations marked table.
Each player can choose any chips of free colors, which is only he to use during the game. Besides, the player can estimate the price of colored chips. The colored chips of the specific table are not allowed to be used on the other tables.
In case the player decides to finish game and he still have colored chips, he can exchange them for the cash chips and play with them at any table at the casino or exchange them on cash in the pay office of the casino. Should you leave the table without the exchange of the chips later on they will be estimated in a minimum cost.
Dealer offers the players to place their bets after which spins the wheel and throws the ball. Before the three cycles from the ball throwing, Dealer announces that no more bets are accepted. After Dealer's words and gesture "No bets!" - no bets are accepted and changed. All players' bets, which are placed after Dealer's no bets announcement, are considered invalid. After the ball stops on one of 37 figures the Dealer announces the winning number and makes lots.
Then Dealer clears the playing field of the game away chips and pay the won combinations in a determinate order. All possible bets and pay outs are shown below.
Bets on «equal chances» in case of «zero» are considered lost.
Verbal bets
You can place verbal bets in our casino-bets which are placed on the special field-on the track.
The following verbal bet types are available:
1. Number and 2 neighbors – bets on straight ups of the five neighboring numbers on the wheel.
2. Sectors for standard sign on.
"Vuasen de zero" – 9 chips
"Tier" – 6 chips
"Orphelines" - 5 chips
"Zero Spill" - 4 chips
Numbers with neighbors and sectors are accepted by any nominal divisible to five according to the maximum of the table.
Zero - Spill
0/3=1 chip
12/15=1 chip
26=1 chip
32/35=1 chip
4 chips
5/8 =1 chip
10/11=1 chip
13/16=1 chip
23/24=1 chip
27/30=1 chip
33/36=1 chip
6 chips
Vuasen de zero
0/2/3=2 chips
4/7=1 chip
12/15=1 chip
18/21=1 chip
19/22=1 chip
25/29=2 chips
32/35=1 chip
9 chips
1=1 chip
6/9=1 chip
14/17=1 chip
17/20=1 chip
31/34=1 chip
5 chips
3. Maximum sectors-verbal bets, when a maximum possible amount is placed on each bet of the standard sign on of the sector, in accordance with the maximum of the table.
Players are allowed to make any bets following the limits of each table. Bets on the field play and paid in accordance with the maximum of each table. In case of any disturbance which impedes the game, the administration is entitled to announce the game invalid. In this case bets neither are lost nor win.
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