Crazy Monkey
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Crazy Monkey
Type of the cardboard: video slot
Manufacture: Smart Games
Bars: 9
Number of Bonuses: 2 bonuses + game on doubling
Reels: 5
Max win: 125.000 credits
Max bet: 540 credits
Game starts by pushing a START button if there is a credit different from zero. You can measure your bet on bars and quantity of playing bars (however accumulative value of the bet can't exceed the value of current credit). You will be shown your winning after reels stop-if you have any. A symbol ("mask") is considered in the game which can replace any other symbol with fewer coefficients. At that if you get two different winning on one bar, this symbol will take the value of the higher one. This game supports nine bars -that is why theoretically all they can win at the same time. All the winnings of the bars are summed up. If there are winning bars on the screen they light up in series and numbers of them begin twinkling. The bar will be considered winning if it has at least three identical objects in series, and they should be either on the right or on the left edge of the reel one after another. The more identical symbols are on the bar the higher the multiplied coefficient of the bet. You have an opportunity to increase your winning by playing the game on doubling, if you won something. Push the RISK button during bars displaying and the risk-game will start.
Risk-game starts after risk button has been pushed while winning bars were displayed. Dealer's card will be opened on the screen. Your task is to open a card not lees than dealer's one. In case the card is higher than the dealer's, the current winning is doubled. Dealer wins if current winning is less. And you can replay the game on doubling if your card is equal to the dealer's. If you have won the "dealer's" game then you can try playing with him once again. The quantity of steps is NOT LIMITED.
A bonus-game starts if three or more monkeys are on any position on the reels in the main game. You will see a monkey and five ropes hanging from above on the screen. Bananas or hard items are tied to each rope. Monkey must pull all ropes down. It can be done in any order. After monkey pulls the rope down a tied thing falls on it. If they are bananas monkey will give bonuses after she ate them. If it is one of those hard things here only helmet can help. If you don't have a helmet bonus-game is over. In order for monkey to be in a helmet you need to make a bet of a rather big amount in the main game. Bonus-game is over when all the ropes are pulled down or when monkey was hit by coconut, brick or anvil. After this all the points are multiplied with the full bet and added to the winning.
Super bonus-game starts when all the ropes were pulled down in the bonus-game. There are two name boards on the screen. One of them will give a prize. After pushing one of the 3 BARS, 7 BARS buttons one of the name boards will be opened. If you guessed the prize the winning name board will carry a number on it sum of which is added to your winning.
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