Black Jack Rules

Players. It is played against the casino interests presented by Dealer. Each player is allowed to place a bet on one or several boxes (box is a specially drawn place for bets. As a fact there are seven boxes drawn on the table). Players are not allowed to touch play cards as well are change bets on the boxes.
begins with an offer to the players to place bets – to put chips on the occupied boxes. Bets must be in the limits of the minimum and maximum of that table. Then Dealer deals every player and himself one card and then one play card to every player once again. All play cards are dealt face up. After this players begin to gather play cards to their boxes in series or make other play decisions. Dealer is the last to gather play cards. He is to gather play cards until the total of the points will be 17 or more. Overrun of the Dealer will mean the wining of those of outs after bets are accepted. If Dealer has 17-21 points, he compares his hands with the players' play cards and paying winners or collecting the chips from losing hands.
Calculation of the points
Six standard packs of 52 cards are involved in the game. All pictures (Kings, Queens, Jacks) and the 10 are all valued at 10. All these cards are equal and are called the 10. The Ace can be counted as either 1 or 11 (Dealer in combination with the Ace have double account). The cards from 2 through 9 are valued at their face value.
All winning bets are paid 1:1. Combination of the 10 and the Ace received from dealing the cards is a pleasant exclusion called Black Jack and is paid 3:2.
Player's Black Jack also wins Dealer's any hand, except the Black Jack - in this case neither Dealer nor the Player lost.
Double (doubling bets)
It is possible to «double» the bet in any combination of two play cards (the exclusion is Black Jack). If player's total of points is 9, 10 or 11, Dealer will offer to make a double, in other cases player himself must announce about his intentions. «By doubling» player puts on a box, plus to his bet, and the sum is to be as much as his own bet. Then Dealer deals one play card for that box and this suit is considered to be final. Player can't take play cards for that box.
If the first two play cards have equal denomination (two the 3's, two the 10's, two the Ace's, etc.), they can be divided and a suit can be made per each separately. An amount equal to the initial bet must be putted. Suit is done consequently, beginning from the first card and finishing with the followings. Player is obliged to take the second card per each of split ones (Dealer does not offer to take the second card, but just deals it and announces the total of the points). After splitting the cards player can make a double. The exclusion is the Ace splitting. Dealer deals only by one card per each Ace on splitting. You can neither take nor make double any more. In case of the Ace you can do unlimited spleens. On division of Aces in ace-ten combination is not considered a Black Jack and plays like 21 and in case of winning is paid 1:1.
If the Dealer's first play card is the Ace, croupier will offer to get insured after finishing the card dealing. Accepting Dealer's offer, player insures himself from the Dealer's possible Black Jack. An additional bet is made in a special field marked on the table. The size of the bet may vary from the half of the minimum of the table to half of the player's bet. In case Dealer has Black Jack, the interest of insurance rate is 2:1. If no Black Jack is registered to Dealer, then there is no any interest of insurance and the rest of the bets play as usual.
Equal Money
If player has Black Jack and Dealer has the Ace, croupier will offer "equal money" e.g. to pay Black Jack at once before the croupier's second card is revealed. In this case Black Jack will be paid 1:1.
Surrender (player's refusal to play with the half of the bet)
If initial combination does not satisfy the player and he sees no opportunity to win in that situation, he may refuse to play in that hand, losing the half of the bet. Decision to surrender must be made before the third card is open on the box. Though combinations come out in the result of splitting, there is no way to fold the game. Dealer is not obliged to offer to surrender. Each player must estimate the situation and make decisions himself.
In case of any disputes, the decision of the management of the casino is considered to be final.
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