Poker Five-card draw

with possibility to change one or two cards per ANTE
Players do their bets on ANTE positions in the limits of maximum and minimum of the table. One player can play openly on one box and facedown on the others (without exchanging the cards).
Dealer deals every player and himself five cards facedown. Then Dealer shows his fifth card. Players look through their cards and make decision whether to play or not. The player either may drop his cards, losing the ANTE or may remain in the game with five cards by placing a BET which should exceed ANTE two times or exchange his one card per ANTE or exchange two cards per bet equal to two ANTE. Then players should make a decision and make a BET. When all players made decisions Dealer shows his cards. Dealer's game begins with "Ace-King". If Dealer does not have game, Players are paid per ANTE 1:1. The Ace can be considered both the highest and the lowest card (should it be necessary in "Straight" combination).
In case Dealer has the same hand with the Dealer the winner is defined by the following high card. If all the cards are the same then you get «stand-off» situation-no one wins and no one loses.
If the Dealer has a game he reveals Players' cards in series compares their hands and pay winning bets according to the Paytable below. At that ANTE bet is paid 1:1.
Paytable in 5 Cards Poker with exchange of one or two cards per ANTE
Ace-King 1:1 Flush 5:1
One pair 1:1 Full House 7:1
Two pairs 3:2 Four of a kind 20:1
Three of a kind 3:1 Straight Flush 50:1
Straight 4:1 Royal Flush 100:1
The Maximum Payment on Box May Not Exceed the Maximum Payment of the Table
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